Introducing Retune

A health report designed to provide actionable suggestions to help retune your product experience.


Unlocking Potential

Identify oportunities for improvement. Retune identifies usablity blind spots, and helps you gain a fresh perspective on your product.

Trackable Insights

Insights come with suggestions on how to set-up behavioral and attitudinal KPI's to track the success of UX changes.

Retune will be most useful when:

  1. You need to bring life back to your product: Over time, even the best products can lose their shine. If your product lacks the same level of consistency and polish it once had, retune can provide suggestions to help bring that consistency back to your product.
  2. Your product is on the verge of shipping: It’s crucial to have a thorough evaluation to ensure everything looks great and functions seamlessly. Retune provides the necessary gut check to optimize your product’s design and enhance its performance before it hits the market.
  3. You’d like to identify the gap between design & production: It can be frustrating when your designs work flawlessly in Figma but fall short when implemented in production code. Retune offers insights and recommendations to understand and rectify these discrepancies, ensuring that your designs translate from concept to reality.

No, Retune is not a product redesign service. Onboarding a designer in a new business or problem space can be a time-consuming process. For extensive, long-term commitments like complete product redesigns, it’s often beneficial to hire a contractor or full-time designer dedicated to your specific product needs.

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Kirk Stanton

Senior Adv UX Product Designer


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